Katar Jinsdaughter is a graduate of the Princess Academy.

Biography Edit

Katar's ma died when she was born, and her father won't look at her because he thinks it's her fault. She hates Mount Eskel for this reason, as she feels like she doesn't belong there.

She is one of the girls who went to Princess Academy. Katar tries very hard to be top of the class, though Miri beats her. She was mean to Miri at first, for a reason Miri didn't understand. Later in the book, the reader finds out that she is mean to Miri because she is afraid the prince will choose Miri, not her, and she wants to leave Mount Eskel.


  • "Being a princess would mean more than just marrying a prince- you'll see the rest of the kingdom, live in a palace, fill your belly every meal, have a roaring fire all winter long. And you'll do important things, the kinds of things that affect an entire kingdom."