Laren is the father of Miri and Marda.

Biography Edit

A few years after Marda's birth, Laren's wife became pregnant once again. Unfortunately, she suffered a severe accident in the quarry which caused their youngest daughter, Miri, to be born prematurely. Laren's wife held her newborn baby for a week straight before she succumbed to her injuries.

Laren was deeply heartbroken by his wife's death and wanted to prevent either of his girls from ever setting foot in the quarry, the place that killed their mother. However, he was forced to allow Marda to work in the quarry when she grew old enough so that she could help support their small family, although it wrenched his heart. But Miri, who had always been small for her age -who looked so much like her mother- he could not bear to let near the quarry at all.

A very quiet man by nature, Laren either never saw the need to tell his daughters the reason why he forbade Miri from entering the quarry, or was much to heartbroken to even speak of it.