Olana Mansdaughter is a respected lowlander tutor.


Olana is the tutor for the girls. She asks them to address her as Tutor Olana. Her punishments are harsh, such as locking them in a closet or not letting them go home for a weekend. Olana is very proper and she believes it is her duty to teach the girls at princess academy to be that too. Olana acts as if she is high above the girls, because she is a lowlander.


  • "I have very real doubts that mountain girls are capable of measuring up to other Danlanders. Your brains are naturally smaller I've heard. Perhaps due to the thin mountain air?"
  • "Do you want to look like imbeciles? Do you really want the guests to believe every frightful thing they've heard about the outlying territories? Stand up straighter, pronounce your words. For pity's sake, stop looking like you want to humiliate me!"